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HIGH PH3 CONcentration multipoint monitoring
Fully automatic, robust industrial tool with laboratory precision and email reporting
• Records up to 2000 series of 9 measurement lines

• High performance PH3 electrochemical cell: 
Nominal range 0 - 2000ppm PH3 (±1%) & extended range up to 5000+ ppm PH3 

• Electromagnetic valves and manifold allow measurements on 9 separate ¼ inch OD nylon or 
polyurethane lines of up to 200/650ft

• Automatic time sync from cellular or satellite network

• Replaceable in-line filters to remove dust

• 2 options for external communications available among the following: Wifi RS232 Cellular or Satellite

• Fully autonomous once configured and launched

• Low concentration LED & email alarm with configurable threshold

• Ethernet remote monitoring

• Daily email reports to a configurable email address via cellular or satellite network
• Front LCD panel direct concentration readings 

• Software compatible with all Windows versions 
for configuration and data transfer
• LED indicator for clock, operation and alarm 

• Exports data to Excel .xls files 

• USB & Ethernet connectivity

• Transportable or can be integrated into standard electrical cabinets

• Operating Temperature: +10°C to + 50°C  

• Size (mm/inch): 360/14.7(W) x 200/7.8(H) x 330/13(D) 

• Power supply: 100 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz 

• Weight: 8.86kg/18lbs

• Safety approval: CE mark

· Measures  PH3 concentrations over 24/7 on 9 sampling lines

· Checks the fumigation efficacy

· Guarantees the traceability of each disinfestation

Data recording

 Email reports via cellular or satellite

3 measurement line chart example

Fumigation chambers


The PhosCapt-MP will be presented at the 2016 International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation in Stored Products

A cereal grain cooperative in the south of France has stepped up its activities.

One of the largest cereal grain cooperatives in the south of France has launched a wide-scale fumigation campaign.
The PhosCapt MP is used in Western Australia.


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